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Book “Soviet bus stops in Georgia” presents more than one hundred Bus Stops, which the author Nanuka Zaalishvili collected during 2015-2018 around Georgia.The book  also describes their architectural value today.

“The brutal concrete structures on the roads of Georgia are bridged by the colorful mosaic bus stops; forest landscapes are followed by alpine steppes, and these weird shaped road-shelters are tailored into the existing environment. The design of the Soviet bus stops followed a certain aesthetic outlook and expressed socialist themes, characteristic for their area. Mainly they showcased collective farms, happy people, sunny fields, mountains, arable lands, wheat fields, abundant harvest, etc.”

Architectural researcher and Harvard PHD Student Angela Wheeler also published her essay: “A Departure from the Ordinary: the Design Legacy of Soviet Bus Stops” in the book.

“One might think that the Soviet transportation authorities would have devised a universal design for this humble public structure – simple, practical, and prefabricated. While some bus stops were indeed mass-produced, their small size and freedom from the constraints of utilities made them an ideal “micro project” for Soviet designers seeking a creative outlet on a limited budget. The resulting projects, many of which were built seemingly without design restrictions, became a precious opportunity for local architects to take risks.”